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Musicalization for Educators 1

About the course

The course purpose is bringing educators close to music by listening, creating and making sounds out of their own voices and bodies. Therefore, the person will feel more qualified and secure for working with music on several situations in the classroom and on their daily activities. Classes will be dynamical and practical with exercises for developing the rhythm, the perception, vocal tuning, proper breathing, and musicality as a whole, in addition to ideas for musical activities in the classroom and discussions about music and musical education concepts and approaches.


General purpose: Awakening and developing participants’ musicality in order to become more secure when working with music in the classroom and their overall perception.

Specific purpose: Promoting directed listening and musical appreciation activities, participating in rhythm exercises using their own body, learning how to use their voice as a means of sound and musical expression., improving their corporal perception and motor coordination, participating in musical games and plays and activities with musical repertoire, discussing about musical concepts and musical education approaches.

Target audience

Professionals and students interested on the theme.


It is not necessary to have a previous formal knowledge in music. The course is intended for educators and students or persons interested in the area both for beginners in music, as well as music professional and musical educators who want to be in touch with professional practice.
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