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Basic Italian Course 1

About the course

The course will provide students with linguistic-communicative competence for speaking, writing, listening, and reading the Italian language at basic level, besides Italian culture elements.


General purpose: Using the Italian language fluently and efficiently for communicating according to the situation, participants’ purpose and role, featuring elementary level communicative competence for speaking and understanding, besides writing and reading.

Specific purposes:

  • introducing (name, age, place of birth, profession, phone, e-mail, among other personal identification elements) and preparing questions for knowing your counterpart;
  • giving and asking information about family members;
  • describing your daily routine;
  • expressing personal tastes.
  • knowing Italian culture elements.
  • basic text interpretation
  • knowing Italian regions with some of their tipicalities

Target audience

Professionals and students interested in the theme.


17-years-old or older.
USC - Sagrado Coração

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