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Graduate Degree in Lighting, Ergonomics, and Interior Landscaping

Title: Specialist

Lenght of study: 18 months

Category: On-site

Requirement: Professionals graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, Design, Fashion Design, Civil Engineering, Visual Arts, and other interested college-graduated professional with AutoCad and Technical Drawing knowledge.

About the course

The course is intended to professionals seeking to work in designing, managing, and developing projects intended for interior spaces, articulating conceptual, technical, and practical project contents. USC offers a differentiated structure with large project laboratories equipped with drawing boards, model and mock-up and environmental comfort laboratories with leading-edge equipment, thus assuring the full development of practical classes and familiarizes students to the labor market. Additionally, it has qualified teachers who also work in the market.


  • Art and Esthetics Applied to Interior Design
  • Ergonomics, Accessibility, and Universal Design
  • Interior Graphical Expression and Representation
  • Color in Interior Project
  • Dwelling Interior Project I – Social and Private areas
  • Scientific Methodology
  • Interior Lighting I – Dwelling Areas and Gardens
  • Carpentry and Ergonomics Applied to Interior Projects
  • Landscaping as space structuring element
  • Commercial Interior Project I – Corporate Spaces
  • Dwelling Interior Project II – Leisure, Service, and Support
  • Building Installations for Interior Projects
  • Interior Lighting II – Commercial Environments
  • Materials and Finishing for interior environments
  • Landscaping Project for exterior and interior areas
  • Commercial Interior Project II – Stores and Services
  • Comfort and Sustainability for Interior Project
  • Project Management and Entrepreneurism

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