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Graduate Degree Science and Mathematics Teaching for Basic Education

Title: Specialist

Lenght of study: 20 months

Category: On-site

Requirement: Professionals graduated in Pedagogy, Mathematics, Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology seeking knowledge, updating and/or deepening in the Science and Mathematics teaching area.

About the course

The specialization course in Science and Mathematics Teaching for Basic Education is intended for providing continuous education to polyvalent teachers teaching Basic Education level I classes, as well as teachers teaching Science and Mathematics subjects to Basic Education level II classes, based on specific knowledge, syllabuses, and experiences, in order to contribute for a qualified development of basic education in the country. Among the course specific objectives we can mention: enable an updating to teaching professional intended to methodological trends in Science and Mathematics teaching; deepening specific knowledge; developing communication and technological skills; promoting valorization within teacher continuous education dimension, from knowledge about teaching professionalization.


  • Characteristics, Competences and Teacher Knowledge Formation
  • Didactics and Assessment
  • Scientific Education and Laboratory Practices
  • Inclusive Education
  • Mathematics Fundamentals
  • Science Teaching Methodological Fundamentals
  • Mathematics Teaching Methodological Fundamentals
  • Science and Mathematics History
  • Interdisciplinarity and Transversal Themes
  • Scientific Methodology
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Learning Theories
  • Special Science Topics

Recursos Disponíveis

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