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Graduate Degree in Health Surveillance

Title: Specialist

Lenght of study: 18 months

Category: On-site

Requirement: Professionals graduated in Biomedicine, Biology, Pharmacy, Odontology, Medicine, Nutrition, Nursing, and Hotel Management seeking knowledge, updating and/or deepening in the surveillance area in order to succeed in their careers.

About the course

The Health Surveillance Specialization course is intended for professionals graduated in biomedicine, biology, pharmacy, odontology, medicine, nutrition, nursing, and hotel management, who intend to skillfully work in health surveillance (epidemiological, sanitary, and environmental). USC offers a differentiated structure, large laboratories and equipped with leading-edge technology, thus assuring great comfort on practical classes, and familiarizes the student with the labor market. Additionally, we have the best teachers and professionals in the area, in order to make you the best.


  • Health Planning: the Health Surveillance Context
  • Health Policies
  • Health Ethics
  • Epidemiology: Epidemiological Method and Health Indicators
  • Disease Epidemiological Surveillance and Transmissible Diseases
  • Outbreak Investigation Methodology
  • Epidemiological Surveillance of Vaccine-preventable Diseases
  • Sexually Transmissible Diseases and AIDS
  • Disease Epidemiological Surveillance and Non-transmissible Diseases
  • Health Surveillance Information and Management Systems
  • Epidemiology and Worker’s Health
  • Health Service Infection Control
  • Sanitary Surveillance: Health Surveillance Legislation and Context
  • Health-Related Product and Service Surveillance Programs
  • Environmental Surveillance within Health Surveillance Context
  • Surveillance Program and Zoonosis Control and Endemics
  • Toxicology Surveillance
  • College Education Didactics and Methodology
  • Health Surveillance Management

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