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Graduate Degree in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Prescription

Title: Specialist

Lenght of study: 20 months

Category: On-site

Requirement: Professionals graduated in Pharmacy seeking knowledge, updating and/or deepening in the Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Prescription area in order to succeed in their careers.

About the course

The Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Prescription course meets the pharmaceutical labor market need for professionals skilled to prescribe drugs whose dispensing does not require a physician’s prescription (MIP´s), or even when physician’s prescription is required conditioned to an existing previous diagnosis and only when foreseen in programs, protocols, directives, or technical standards, approved for being used within health institutions or when formalizing cooperation agreements with other prescribers or health institutions. In this sense, USC offers a differentiated structure, with large laboratories and equipped with leading-edge technology, thus assuring great comfort on practical classes, and familiarizes the student with the labor market. Additionally, we have the best teachers and professionals in the area, in order to make you the best.


  • Clinical pharmacy principles: Pharmaceutical care and assistance in clinical environments
  • Interpersonal communication principles and pharmaceutical clinical practice
  • Pharmaceutical semiology and anamnesis
  • Legal basis of Pharmacist’s clinical attributions (RDC-CFF nr. 585/2013)
  • Pharmaceutical consultation office implantation
  • Clinical pharmacokinetics and posology regime establishment
  • Drug interaction principles and Drug interference in laboratory tests
  • Laboratory Test Interpretation
  • Evidence-based pharmaceutical prescription
  • MIP pharmacotherapy and prescription for handling pain and fever (analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory)
  • MIP pharmacotherapy and prescription for handling gastrointestinal disorders
  • MIP pharmacotherapy and prescription for handling respiratory disorders and allergies
  • Pharmacotherapy of drugs acting in cardiovascular and renal systems
  • Diabetes pharmacotherapy and insulin therapy
  • Nutraceutical drug pharmacotherapy and supplement, vitamin, and mineral prescription
  • Antimicrobial, antiviral, and antiparasitic drug pharmacotherapy
  • Cancer pharmacotherapy and supporting drugs
  • SCIENTIFIC METHODOLOGY – Health research principles
  • Hematologic disease and coagulation disorder pharmacotherapy
  • Dermocosmetological pharmaceutical prescription / Pharmaceutical prescription for Treating and Handling Smoking
  • Clinical phytotherapy, prescribing and wise use of phytotherapic drugs
  • Basic principles and Methodologies for pharmacotherapeutic follow-up
  • Pharmacotherapeutic follow-up of hypertensive, diabetic and dyslipidemic patients
  • Pharmacotherapeutic follow-up and pharmaceutical care to pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and elderly individuals
  • Pharmacotherapeutic follow-up and pharmaceutical care to individuals with special needs
  • Vaccines and health prevention methods
  • Pharmacoeconomy and therapeutic protocol establishment
  • Information Technology applied to pharmaceutical service
  • Scientific Methodology – Scientific writing
  • Provision of Pharmaceutical Services in Clinical Practice

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