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Research Groups

 In Brazil, the Directory of CNPq – National Scientific and Technological Development Counsel - Research Groups constitutes of databases containing information about research groups active in the country.   The Directory maintains a current base, where information is continuously updated by group leaders, researchers, students and research managers of participating institutions, and CNPq conducts biannual census, which are portraits of such current base.

 Information contained in the Directory refers to human resources constituting the groups (researchers, students, and technicians) to on-going research lines, to knowledge specialties, to application sectors involved, to scientific, technological and artistic production, and to interaction standards with productive sector.

 The Directory contains information capable of detailing limits and the general profile of the scientific—technology activity in Brazil.   In parallel, it provides the interested parties with a large and diversified amount of detailed information about who performs activities, how and where they are performed, and about which theme they conduct the researches.   It has been used by the scientific, technological community in general and by CNPq advisory committees as a guiding tool for its activities.

 Who can take part?

  • Institution teachers, students, and technicians, or not
  • All Research Group participants must have a Lattes resume registered at CNPq, and updated with a three-month periodicity.

 Which is the importance?

 The Directory of Research Groups in Brazil (CNPq) is constituted as a database containing information about research groups in activity in the country.   Information contained in the Directory refers to human resources constituting the groups, on-going research lines, knowledge specialties, involved application sectors, scientific, technological and artistic production.

 Do you want to be part of USC research groups?  

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