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Graduate Degree in Surface Design

Title: Specialist

Lenght of study: 18 months

Category: Classroom course

Requirement: Professionals with an undergraduate degree in Architecture, Design, Engineering, Publicity, Fashion, or Plastic Arts. Professionals who are working or are interested in working in this area and show a creative potential and conditions to attend the course. The course is also designed to train professors.

About the course

Surface design is an area of design that projects two- and three-dimensional textures for different surfaces. The course is designed to qualify professionals of this field using structures that provide them with an aesthetic, scientific, and technological update, supporting the development of projects both in the graphic and product areas, fomenting research, and creating new functional, artistic, and industrial solutions.

Professionals who work in design and education will get updated on contemporary issues related to research, creation, and development of projects to establish the quality of the surfaces of different physical (textiles, ceramics, stationery, coatings, etc.) and electronic (web, games, etc.) products. There will be technology available to support project and production activities.


  • Fundamentals of Surface Design
  • Surface Design Creativity and Creation
  • Color Study and Surface Design
  • Surface Design Applied to Jewelry
  • Grids, Diagrams, and Graphic Representation – Geometric and Formal Principles
  • Fashion Perception and Representation and Application in the Textile Area
  • Digital Technology
  • Surface Design Applied to Digital Entertainment
  • Surface Design Applied to Architecture
  • Surface Design Applied to Handmade Stationery and Ceramic Design: Application to Sustainable Products
  • Case Study 1 (Two-Dimensional Surface)
  • Surface Design Applied to Interior Design
  • Case Study 2 (Three-Dimensional Surface)
  • Color Study
  • Semiotics and Visual Communication
  • Surface Printing Processes
  • Photographic and Aesthetic Production Research
  • Special Topics in Fashion Design
  • Teaching of the Humanities
  • Practice and Communication Sociology: Cultural, Artistic, Mass Culture Transformations, and Consumerism between XIX and XX Centuries
  • Materials and Technology
  • Graphics and its Application in Different Cultures
  • Scientific Method - Monograph (Final Paper)

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