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Graduate Degree in History, Culture, and Power

Title: Specialist

Lenght of study: 22 months

Category: Classroom course

Requirement: Professionals with an undergraduate degree in History, Geography, Pedagogy, Arts, Journalism, Philosophy, Tourism, Archeology, and Social Sciences. Professionals interested in consolidating their knowledge of History and teaching, culture and heritage, identities and ethnic, gender, and power relationships in current and past societies.

About the course

The course is comprised of themes related to cultural manifestations and power relationships established in economic, religious, legal, ethnic, sexual, and gender differences constituted in different times and historic spaces. Its objective is to prepare and subsidize the graduate student in History and its related fields for professional activities employing theoretical complementation, methodological support, and pedagogical practices.

After graduating, the professional may work with Basic or Higher Education in public or private institutions, as well as with heritage conservation in museums, files, and laboratories that work with educational issues.


  • Cultural History Issues
  • History of Cities
  • African and the African-Brazilian History
  • Food History in Asia
  • The Roman Religion and the Imperial Cult
  • Medieval Scandinavian History
  • Gender, Cinema, and History
  • Body and Gender in the Scientific Discourse between the XIX and XX centuries
  • Interiorization of the settlement of the province of São Paulo Portraits of an Indigenous Brazil
  • History, Power, and Press: the uses of journals in the research on the Brazilian Authoritarian State (1964-1985)
  • History of Press and Journalism in Brazil
  • Public Archeology
  • Public History and Cultural Heritage
  • Historical Heritage in Bauru
  • History of the Present and Communication in the Contemporary World
  • American History, Politics, and Television
  • History Teaching Today and its Challenges
  • History Didactics
  • Technological Resources in History Teaching
  • Scientific Method
  • Research Seminars

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