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Graduate Degree in Forensic Science

Title: Specialist

Lenght of study: 18 months

Category: Classroom course

Requirement: Professionals graduated in Health, Exact, and Human Sciences who are interested in forensic science or one of its branches, such as forensic botany, genetics or entomology.

About the course

The course provides students with basic training in several areas of activity, such as forensic criminology, genetics, and enthomology. Students will have access to a theoretical basis for Forensic Science and contact with practices that may be employed to solve crimes. It is designed to qualify professionals to work autonomously and in public agencies.

This area is in constant growth and requires qualified professionals to work in the labor market.


  • Cellular Biology and Forensic Histology
  • Forensic Biochemistry, Immunology, and Pathology
  • General and Forensic Botany
  • Forensic Engineering
  • General and Forensic Entomology
  • Ethics and Bioethics
  • Forensic Physics
  • Forensic Photograph
  • Fundamentals of Criminology and Victimology
  • Fundamentals of Constitutional, Civil, and Criminal Law
  • Basic Genetics, Population Genetics, and Forensic Genetics
  • Legal Medicine and Investigative Structure
  • Forensic Microbiology
  • Basic Notions of Anatomy and Necropsy
  • Basic Notions of Forensic Psychology
  • Forensic Dentistry
  • Forensic Finger Print Study
  • Forensic Chemistry and Environmental Investigation
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Technical visits
  • Final Paper

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