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Who we are

 The Universidade do Sagrado Coração (Sacred Heart University) is among the best and most traditional college level institutions in Brazil.   With more than 60 years of work towards education. Teaching, Research, and Extension are part of its Catholic and Clelian essence.

 While being a University, its mission is being consecrated to investigation, teaching and formation of students, reassuring the search for the truth on all fields of knowledge.   It is committed with knowledge generation, which produces rupture and transformation, complying with its responsibility for preserving the cultural heritage integrating critic and proposition, reflection and action, tradition and future into a permanent dialogue so all knowledge developed in the university space contributes to the social good.

 As a Catholic University, it develops its teaching, research and extension activities featuring the Gospel value as premise and horizon.   Considering its university nature - space, plural, universal – it proposes to practice such confession within a pluralist and conversational environment, respecting different believes and thoughts that are aligned with the central objective of seeking a dignified life for all.

 As a Clelian University, it feeds from Madre Clelia Merloni’s spirit and charisma, tuned with current apostolic priorities of the Institute of Apostles of the Sacred Heart in face of the New Evangelization.

 The USC identity establishes an ethical and humanist perspective for education.   Therefore, its teaching-learning process is based in the dialogic and respectful relation between subjects participating in knowledge building.   It establishes that investigation and research are aimed towards improving quality and equity in social life, as well as extension activities are focused on the service to third parties and on the interaction with local community.   Therefore, the entire academic production is aimed towards overcoming pragmatism and utilitarianism, placing knowledge, science and technique at the service of human beings, of truth, and justice.

 Along its more than 60 years, USC reaffirms its commitment of being “The University of your life”.   Such slogan stands for the University mission, which is in everybody's hearts participating in the Usqueana community .  It gives rhythm so all can provide answers and, at the same time, instigate new questionings to students.   This message interaction is the bond that maintains teachers, employees and officials united, working for the same ideal.  

USC - Sagrado Coração

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