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Sagrado – Rede de Educação

 The Provinces of the Institute of Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Brazil (São Paulo and Paraná States), with its Vice-Provinces (Center-North of Brazil and Southern Cone) are united on a Clelian Catholic Education Network:   Sacred – Education Network, with over 30 educational units that provide from children's to college level education.   USC is part of Sacred – Education Network, standing for the college level teaching.

 The Sacred – Education Network highlights the education importance in the lives of children, teenagers, and youngsters.   The Gospel, the Spirituality of the Heart of Jesus, the Clelian Pedagogy and the Being Present are values guiding its vision of being an educational institution of excellence, acknowledge on those locations where it is present and with the mission of providing an academic and Christian education, assuring the formation of reflexive, autonomous, ethical, creative, and socially responsible citizens.

USC - Sagrado Coração

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