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The Maintaining Institution

Founded by Mother Clélia Merloni in 1894, in Viarregio, Italy, the Institute of Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (IASCJ) is dedicated to education, healthcare, catechetical pastoral, social service, spirituality, and to missionary activities, with the commitment to, as Apostles, making the Heart of the Divine Master known and loved. 

 Present in 15 countries, and organized in several provinces, the apostles share their mission in a direct way with their collaborators dedicated to Evangelization by means of the Institute's several works.   Present in Brazil since 1900, the IASCJ is organized in several units responsible for carrying out the mission in different regions.

 In order to develop its educational mission, the USC counts on the maintaining entity’s support – IASCJ/Province of São Paulo, which is responsible for managing and following-up works, focusing on the same mission.

 The Provincial Superior of the Institute of Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, headquartered in São Paulo, is the Chancellor of the Sacred Heart University.


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