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Publicity and Advertising

Title: Bachelor’s degree

Lenght of study: 4 years

The course was created in: 1998

Period: Evening

Category: Classroom course

Requirement: High School Degree

Evaluation of MEC : Grade 3 (ranging from 1 to 5) at the Evaluation of the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC).

About the course

The Publicity and Advertising course provides students with access to specific content, such as advertising agencies, communication vehicles, and marketing departments; fields that have been growing in Brazil and abroad. The course is designed to train you to be a communication professional aware of the reality where you live both regarding the theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge of the several communication fields, and capable of working with creativity in an ethical and humanistic way.

After graduating, you will be qualified for working at advertising agencies with customer service, planning, media, production, and creation (copywriter and art director). You will also be able to work communication vehicles and suppliers (audio and video producers, graphic companies, and photography and illustration studios); marketing department of advertisers; and public and private institutions as a consultant. You may also work in the academic area as a professor or researcher.


  • Communication
  • Consumer
  • Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics
  • Expression
  • Photography
  • Management
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing
  • Multimedia
  • Scientific Research
  • Market Survey
  • Planning
  • Digital Production
  • Sound Production
  • Audiovisual Production
  • Writing
  • Social Responsibility

Recursos Disponíveis

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