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Computer Science

Title: Bachelor’s degree

Lenght of study: 4 years

The course was created in: 2005

Period: Evening

Category: Classroom course

Requirement: High School Degree

Evaluation of MEC : Grade 4 (ranging from 1 to 5) at the Evaluation of the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC).

About the course

 The Computer Science course provides students with access to the development of computing solutions and generation of scientific and innovative knowledge. At this course, you will have the opportunity for personal growth with the benefit of being always updated on the technological world.

After graduating, you will be prepared to assimilate, research, and generate innovative technologies that will contribute to the development of the country's information industry.You may hold positions in companies employing information technology, such as software engineer, programmer, system analyst, project manager, and network manager, for instance.


  • Computer Architecture
  • Database
  • Computer Graphics
  • Communication and Expression
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Structures
  • Ethics
  • Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Man-Computer Interaction
  • Logic and Discrete Mathematics
  • Virtual Reality
  • Computer Networks
  • Social Responsibility
  • Computer Systems Security
  • Information Systems
  • Digital Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Operating Systems

Recursos Disponíveis

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