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Agronomic Engineering

Title: Bachelor’s degree

Lenght of study: 5 years

The course was created in: 2011

Period: Evening

Category: Classroom course

Requirement: High School Degree

Evaluation of MEC : Grade 4 (ranging from 1 to 5) at the Evaluation of the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC).

About the course

The Agronomic Engineering course provides students with access to agricultural technologies and develops their skills to work in the vegetal and animal production of food, raw materials, and energy.

After graduating, you may work in the development and improvement of sustainable production systems. You will be ready to work in rural properties, private companies, public entities, and multinationals as a technical manager, a researcher, or a consultant. You will be able to work with agricultural projects and develop technologies that maximize vegetal and animal production systems in all stages of agribusiness. The primary areas of activity are Soils, Phytotechnics, Rural Engineering, Rural Economy, Landscapes, Zootechnics, and Agriculture Technologies.


  • Agroindustrial Administration
  • Agriculture
  • Agrometeorology
  • Agricultural Botany
  • Climatology
  • Communication and Expression
  • Rural Constructions
  • Quality Control
  • Phytosanitary Protection
  • Drainage
  • Economy
  • Ethics
  • Soil Fertility
  • Cultivation of Fruits
  • Genetics and Breeding
  • Geoprocessing
  • Georeferencing
  • Hydrology
  • Horticulture
  • Rural Legislation and Extension
  • Soil and Water Conservation and Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Forest Management and Production
  • Agricultural Mechanization and Logistics
  • Plant Nutrition and Fertilization
  • Landscaping and Floriculture
  • Post-Harvest of Agricultural Products
  • Social Responsibility
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Experimental Analysis and Analysis Techniques
  • Production Technology
  • Zootechnics


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