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Accounting Sciences

Title: Bachelor’s degree

Lenght of study: 4 years

The course was created in: 2013

Period: Evening

Category: Classroom course

Requirement: High School Degree

Recognition: Authorized by the CONSEPE

About the course

The Accounting Sciences course provides students with technical and academic resources required for an active professional who is capable of handling strategic and managerial issues essential to the management of an organization business.

After graduating, you may plan, coordinate, and control a company’s business records (purchases, sales, investments, and applications), allowing an accurate vision of its assets.You will interpret economic events and provide information to company managers so that they can make decisions about the business management.

One of the fields that most requires the accountant is Auditing or Accounting advice.The market values professionals with a managerial vision, who are capable of following the definition of business strategies to mirror them in administrative reports.


  • Auditing
  • Asset Valuation
  • Communication
  • Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Accounting for Agribusiness
  • International Accounting
  • Public Accounting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Controllership
  • Labor Law
  • Business Law
  • Tax Law
  • Economy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Statistics
  • Ethics
  • Finance
  • Cost Management
  • Performance Management
  • Accounting Laboratory
  • Mathematics and Quantitative Methods
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Accessory Obligations
  • Budgeting
  • Accounting Expertise
  • Tax Planning
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Social Responsibility
  • Risk

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