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Photograph for the Elderly

About the course

 The photograph for the elderly course constitutes a dive into the immensity represented by each person.   How photograph can help us to discover who we are?   How does it show us?   How does it represent us?   How does it communicate?   Dominating photograph is not only dominating a tool.   It is understanding what we have come for and where we are going to.   Photograph is language, a code.   From such premise, we understand how people see things.   Know a little more from imagens and know how to communicate better when a better photo is taken.   This course proposition is an immersion into the being’s own essence and multiplicity, bringing photograph as something more connected with life than we imagine.   By dominating the technique and the aesthetic language, we understand and question what a beautiful picture is.   What is a good photo?   More than answers, the course promises good questions for photograph and for life.  


 General objective

 Today, photograph is an important tool for exercising the individual and citizenship language.   Understanding the codes and symbols that a smartphone has is essential for producing imagens with aesthetic quality and narrative content.   The workshop intends, in this sense, to provide the paths required for presenting to the elderly student the processes that comprise obtaining, treating and sharing an image inside the mobile phone (or smartphone), thus providing greater autonomy to such age.   Additionally, the course intends to work with symbolic elements, such as:   photograph as memory, revisiting Family albums, repassing family history and understanding what they are from images.   The socialization and integration is another objective to be fulfilled during the thematic practical classes.   The human aspect will be valued on all classes, providing, before the technique, reflections about our own life.  

 Specific objectives

  • Develop a creative vision;
  • Understand light and composition as fundamental elements of the photograph creative process;
  • Decondition the vision, releasing the participant for new experiences;
  • Present and develop photographic techniques with mobile phone camera resources (focus, timer, EV exposure, video mode, storage)
  • Present image treatment applications;
  • Present forms of real time image sharing;
  • Present social media that use image as the main vehicle;
  • Present photographers’ work using smartphones for producing creative narratives;
  • Promote student socialization and integration;
  • Work the memory aspect – family albums
  • Who we are?  What do we portray?   What do we portray?   Reflection about how photograph represent us.  

Target audience

 Interested parties in the area, open to all society.


Have a digital camera or mobile phone.

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