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Disease Diagnostic and Prevention in Reared Fishes

About the course

 The pisciculture market is wide and has a large growth potential.   Only between 2005 and 2010, the national fish production in captivity has increased 86.3%, achieving 479 thousand tons.   Aquaculture in the Southeastern region of the country has mainly grown with the expansion of tilapia cultivation in net tanks in reservoirs in São Paulo State’s western and northern region (Paraná River, Tietê River, and Grande River), south of Minas Gerais State (Furnas reservoir), and in the Paranapanema River axis (border between São Paulo and Paraná States).   Water quality monitoring and correction are essential for raising fishes in dugout ponds and for intensive raising in closed systems with water recirculation.   Additionally, the aquatic environment is the means through which the access to pathogenic agent penetration is made easier; therefore, the study of pathology-causing agents to fishes is a growing importance field, as it is know that such agents can cause high mortality rates, catch reduction, or lower commercial value of affected specimens.   Due to this, it is expected, after the course that the farmer may acquire good knowledge about the main pathogenic organisms affecting fishes and prophylactic measures for avoiding such diseases.


 General objective:
 This course seeks preparing students and/or professionals from the area for performing, inside a laboratory and on field conditions, the recognition of main pathogenic organisms that may affect fishes in confined environments and factors that may influence the parasitism.


 Specific objectives:

  • Know the main prophylactic measures to be adopted in confined environments in order to prevent diseases from disseminating;
  • Know the main groups of organisms that may cause diseases to confined fishes;
  • Recognize the main disease syntomatologies caused by fungi, bacteria, protozoa, moxizoa and helminths.

Target audience

 Professionals and students interested in the theme.


Junior High Education Concluded

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