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Aquatic physiotherapy in knee and hip osteoarthritis

About the course

 It is estimated that 10% of the world population older than 60 years of age suffer from osteoarthritis, out of which 80% has movement restrictions and 25% feature functional limitations, compromising the performance of daily activities, negatively affecting the quality of living.   Aquatic physiotherapy must be the first therapeutic option for the elderly with such pathologic condition because it is considered a form of safe and effective treatment for lower limb musculoskeletal dysfunctions due to pain reduction and joint overload.   In this context, it is relevant the qualification of physiotherapy students and professionals in physiotherapeutic assessment and aquatic treatment planning for knee and hip osteoarthritis patients.   The course will consist of theoretical (30%) and practical (70%) classes regarding semiology and training in aquatic treatment techniques.


 General objective:

 Qualify physiotherapy area students and professionals in the assessment and aquatic training of knee and hip osteoarthritis patients.

 Specific objectives:

  • Know specific tests and instruments for the kinetic-functional diagnosis.
  • Apply aquatic treatment techniques

Target audience

 Physiotherapy students and Physiotherapists.


Students enrolled from the 2nd year of the Physiotherapy Course, and Physiotherapists.

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