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Ethics in Research

 The Sacred Heart University’s COMMITTEE FOR ETHICS IN RESEARCH – CEP-USC – is a consulting, deliberative, educative and autonomous nature institute.   Its main task is to issue statements about research protocols conducted at the University or at other College level and research institutions that may request it.   Therefore, it intends to provide safety to the research object and to the study researcher involving human beings regarding ethical aspects.   It primarily intends to defend the integrity and dignity of research subjects either individually or collectively considered.

 The CEP-USC is constituted as per National Health Counsel’s Resolution no. 466, dated December 12th, 2012.

 This is a multi- and transdisciplinary group including teachers experienced in health, social and human science area research, as well as institution users.

 Initially very focused to the health and biological science area, the CEP-USC has expanded its horizon and, today, it analyzes a considerable amount of projects from human and exact sciences area, in addition to those associated with health and biological sciences.

 The CEP-USC, accredited by the National Commission for Ethics in Research (CONEP – CNS), uses the Brazil Platform as interface for managing all its activities, especially regarding dialog with researchers.   Its meetings are held monthly, following a project-recording schedule and its submittal for the corresponding statements.   Then, prior to each Commission meeting, all projects are analyzed for one or more of its members and, in specific situations, by an invited ad hoc specialist.

 The Committee for Ethics in Animal Use – CEUA has been created observing the guidelines of Arouca Act (Act no. 11,794), dated October 8, 2008, from National Animal Experimentation Control Counsel - CONCEA-MCT).   The CEUA-USC has as its basic function to assure the integrity and respect of basic conditions, within ethical principles, for animals used in protocols intended for teaching and research.   It is CEUA-USC competence to analyze teaching and research protocols and to issue statements, follow-up approved projects, and to make researchers aware of ethical principles involved in animal experimentation, besides promoting speeches and courses with focus in ethics and animal experimentation.

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