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 USC specialization and MBA courses at distance post-graduation level are offered to candidates with College level education and who have technical-professional focus, especially to professionals who work in competitive areas, providing them with valuable skills for the labor market.

 Maintaining the same quality and efficiency of on-site courses, USC offers distance graduation courses.   Within such education option, the student has full time flexibility as it may conduct its studies whenever and wherever it wants.

  • Classes are 100% on-line
  • Course materials are produced by teachers holding master's degree and doctoral titles.
  • For each discipline, the student counts on the full support of a responsible mentoring team, responsible for following it up along the entire learning process.

 USC was authorized for Distance Education courses by ordinance no. 165, dated March 3, 2015, with maximum 5 grade

 USC-offered courses at distance post-graduation level are:

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