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Title: Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy

Lenght of study: 4 years or 18 months ( Bachelor of Arts on Pedagogy)

The course was created in: 2016

Recognition: Authorized by CONSEPE Requirement: High School Degree and Bachelor of Arts in Pedagogy (for Bachelor of Arts)

About the course

In In the Pedagogy program, students will study subjects related to education, both theoretical and practical. The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge to become autonomous and ethical teachers, with mastery of contents and abilities to exercise the teaching position.

In the online learning category, all classes are online, which enables students to have flexibility. Therefore, you can establish your study schedule.

This program has a differential for those who already have a Bachelor of Arts degree. These students can take a second degree in the online learning category, benefitting from subjects already taken.

After graduation, you can work as a teacher in pre-school and in the initial grades of elementary school in public and private schools. You can also develop and supervise projects in the educational area, manage educational processes, and work in the organization and operation of teaching systems with theoretical and practical mastery of planning, execution, coordination, supervision, and evaluation.


  • Diversity and Brazilian Sign Language (BSL)
  • Youngsters and Adults Education
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy
  • Educational Management
  • History
  • Legislation
  • Linguistics
  • Children’s Literature
  • Environmental Education
  • Educational Methodologies
  • Research
  • Politics
  • Pedagogical Practices
  • Interdisciplinary Practices
  • Projects
  • Psychology
  • Social Responsibility
  • Semiotics
  • Sociology
  • Technology

 Subjects (for the Bachelor of Arts)

  • Alphabetization and Literacy
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Fundamentals of Educational Management
  • Fundamentals of Linguistics
  • Fundamentals of History and Geography Teaching Methodology
  • Fundamentals of Youngster and Adult Education Methodology
  • Fundamentals of Special Education Methodology
  • Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education Methodology
  • Fundamentals of the Portuguese Language Methodology
  • Fundamentals of Art Teaching Methodology
  • Fundamentals of Science Teaching Methodology
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics Teaching Methodology
  • History of Education

Recursos Disponíveis

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