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 Distance education Extension courses are provided in order to adapt professionals from the most different fields to the needs of their time.   They encompass the areas of Exact, Human, Health and Social sciences applied and are intended to strengthen interdisciplinary relations among the several Graduation, Post-Graduation courses, Research Projects, and Extension Programs and/or Projects.

 Within such education option, the student has full time flexibility as it may conduct its studies whenever and wherever it wants.   Classes are 100% on-line, and course materials are produced by teachers holding masters’ degree and doctoral tiles.

 Courses are open for all community, graduated or non-graduated professionals, and students who seek new knowledge.   They are ideal for those persons who want to specialize themselves, but need to properly manage their routine.

 USC was authorized for Distance Education courses by ordinance no. 165, dated March 3, 2015, with maximum 5 grade.

 USC-offered courses at distance extension level are:

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